The transforming laptop cooling table

350 thumb.jpgLike that super robo transformer machine out of Power Rangers, its legs flick in and out, and it provides a useful service to humanity.

Unlike that transformer machine in Power Rangers, however, the SL-888 it is real and it is a laptop cooling table. The creation of Japanese company Hanwha, this is a laptop cooling table that adjusts to your particular laptop-using needs. Are you sitting at a desk and just want something to tilt your laptop forward a bit letting the cool air flow underneath its battery? The SL-888 can do it.

350 laptop tab 3.jpg

Sitting on a chair and want a full size table to put your computer on? No problem. Just pull the legs out.

Are you sitting on the floor and want your laptop to sort of hover above your lap at a comfortable height? It can do that too.

Also packing a coffee cup holder, a pen holder and a mouse pad, it has its own cooling fan for extra cooling powers. If you’re one of those people who likes to sit in different places… this could be the laptop cooling table for you.

¥3,980 (about £28) from the Yahoo store

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[via Engadget]
Anna Leach