Snoop Dogg records with err.. TomTom

In one of the more surprising collaborations of the 21st century Snoop Dogg is recording with TomTom, the GPS gadget makers.

305 snoop_dogg_voiceskin.jpg

A little bit out of the ordinary for Snoop Dogg who is better known for his rap records such as Pay tha Cost to be tha Boss and collaborations with serious figures in hip-hop. But I guess cars have always been central to the star’s pimp and music images, so maybe the collaboration isn’t so far out there after all, and whatever car you’re driving nobody wants to get out at the wrong exit on the roundabout.

The SnoopDogg TomTom voiceover is sold by Voiceskins – listen to some extracts here – “you can ride around with da voice of da real superhero” he says; and ad-libs a bit on some of the directional bits: “go round the roundabout, round and round we go, fifth exit.” I just hope he says shizzle.

People get quite attached to the voices on their TomToms , there’s something about the posh authoritative default one that always gets me. Other comedy skins available include the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers squeak, and Voiceskins do a Homer Simpson one.

Voices can be downloaded to TomTom devices from the PC, it simply requires copying and pasting the voice files from the computer to the TomTom’s “voices folder”. (Or, according to this helpful page, the root folder.)

Snoop Dogg TomTom voiceskin – $12.95 from VoiceSkins

Anna Leach