Facebook app MirrorMe shows what you'll look like in 10 years

A Facebook app that encourages you to de-tox sounds like it could be useful. Especially come January, that month of penance and eating detox soup. But, on closer inspection, this app – MirrorMe – also sounds like it would make you run screaming away from your computer screen.

390 detox 1.jpg

According to a press release, the MirrorMe app uses the same facial recognition technology that the CIA and police around the world use to show you what your face will look like if you persist with your bad habits. After answering a few questions about your lifestyle, it takes a suitable photo from your Facebook profile to produce an image of what your future face will look like. After you’ve ravaged it with Quality Street, cocktail sausages and booze that is…

The app takes medical factors into account, as well as factors such as location and ethnic origin.

Of course eat lettuce all you want, there’s not a whole lot that can be done about the natural ageing process, it’s part of being a human isn’t it.

Anyway, if for whatever reason, you want to guess what your face will look like in 10 or 20 years, try the app out. It’s free and according to the site, “fun”. Yeah real fun…

Jeremiah Alexander from Ideonic, the team behind the app, says: “In a way the MirrorMe app reflects what Ideonic is all about – a fresh and innovative company which seeks to inform and educate but in a fun, free, innovative, non preaching or judgemental way.”


Anna Leach


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  • Very interesting app. Everybody likes to know whats in future for them and what they will look like when they grow old. Thanks for sharing the app.

  • this is another funny bunk by iPhone app developer, but don’t worry we’ll soon be seeing their maturity level rise

  • This Facebook app MirrorMe sounds very interesting and fun. It is also helpful for us too, like how to change our bad lifestyle habits. Seems every one of us has a Facebook account and every one of us wants entertainment in Facebook, and I think this app will give more entertainment to Facebook users. All of us wants to know what we will look like in ten years especially of the lifestyle we have right now and maybe MirrorMe can tell you correctly what you will really look like in ten years. If we use this app, we should not forget what we look look like in the result or we should save the result and take a look at it again after ten years if MirrorME guess it right. Lol!

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  • I have tried this Facebook app and I liked it a lot! This app showed me that I will be a good mother in the future and I will have a great career. I am very satisfied of such predictions and I believe and everything will be true! Well, I will definitely recommend this app for other people. Thanks a lot for the great review! Regards, Alica.

  • mmmmm god a bit freaky. Like the idea… but it seems a bit scary using technology to “predict” future. if we can’t really predict the weather lol

  • A personal way of approaching the result of time in each person. As it applies to unique images, results are with personality and not transferable. I prefer not to use these technologies, I want know how beautiful I’ll be in 20 years.

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