IREX robo festival throws up some mechanical beauties..

335 irex.jpgOne day, I’m going to go the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) in Tokyo. In the meantime, I can obsessively pore over the photos from the event on their website. It finished last week.
Hundreds of robots gathered and sat around doing their thing.

It finished on 28th November, and as the organisers said in sweet Jap-accented English: “International Robot Exhibition 2009 has finished with a great success. Thank you very much for coming to the fair and we are happy with lots of visitors.”

Highlights included this beauty: a machine whose sole purpose is to encourage humans to do stretching exercises:
335 robo strectching.jpg

And this impressive manly looking robo. With those biceps, you’d think it’d do a bit more than play table tennis but actually, that is all that does… I bet it’s good though.
335 table tennis playign robo.jpg

[via Pink Tentacle]

Anna Leach