Getting our grubby hands on LG's new Android phone GW620

239 android 5.JPGLG are launching an Android phone currently known only as the GW620. We glimpsed the prototype last night and took a few pictures. It’s a landscape slider with a 5 line QWERTY keypad and runs the version of Android known as “cupcake”.

LG are likely to be marketing it on the strength of its apps: the Android store is smaller than the iTunes app store with only 12,000 apps to iTunes’ 85,000 but 65% of Androids are free while only about a fifth of Apple’s are.

The advertising campaign for the GW620 will also focus on its strengths as a social networking device. They’re going to give it a better name, but they haven’t decided what yet. For legal reasons. Pictures below:

Featuring a beautiful 3d menu box, it also has a 5mega pixel camera:
239 android 1.JPG

From the front with that gleaming 5line keyboard:
239 android 2.JPG

From the back, displaying bevelled edges:
239 android 3.JPG

The GW620 – coming to a red leather sofa near you.

239 android 5.JPG

Anna Leach

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  • I really like the keypad on this phone. It sort of reminds me of the Motorola Milestone, another hot Android phone.

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