When a Facebook Poke lands you in jail…

106 poke.pngWhile we’re on the topic of Facebook etiquette… careful who you poke – it could land you in jail. Well not under ordinary circumstances of course… but if you have been commanded by court order not to contact someone, then casually poking them counts as contact as much as knocking on their door.

It happened – we swear: Shannon D. Jackson of Tennessee in the US, is behind bars right now for doing just that. The poke she allegedly sent to a woman violated an order of protection which stated: “no telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner.”

She faces up to 11 months, 29 days in jail and a possible fine of up to $2,500 if convicted, according to local paper The Tennessean.

[via Mashable]

Anna Leach


  • Tennessee should be taking the same approach on illegal electronic surveillance, which is contact by techno-burglary. The state has some of the weakest privacy laws and sentencing in the country, and that has made Tennessee a haven for organized crime, intellectual property theft, and created a home industry of identity theft which is far more prevalent than the old moonshine industry ever dreamed of being.

    Prospective tourists and vacationers, beware!

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