Shiny Video Review: Blackberry Storm 2

The Blackberry Storm 2 launched today, and RIM’s flagship touchscreen phone has had some serious updates. In shops from 26th October, it will be available on Vodafone for £35 per month on a 24 month contract.

More details here:

[NB. I had a bit of a fail getting the keyboard up, but let me tell you, the keyboard’s good.]

Anna Leach


  • it’s a great phone. touch screen is better, processor is faster, email is better. i’m happy with it. way better than my old javelin and crappy storm 1. rim definately improved with the storm 2. i got 2 off of and i couldn’t be happier. don’t know if it will or did rival the iphone but that’s a given. two thumbs up

  • what the hell was up with this review?

    soo shockingly poor, not at all what we are used to from shiny shiny.

    take my word from it the keyboard is great? wtf?

    serious do another review girls!!

  • Sorry women, this is just not good enough. i have been an avid Shiny reader from it’s beginning and I think that latest review for the Blackberry Storm 2 was the worst video review ever. Anna, please at least run through what you are going to say before you switch the camera on. Looking through notes, repeating your self and punctuating every 10 words with um makes you look really unprofessional and will do untold damage to the shiny brand.

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