Retro-fest with the Candle stick phone

90 candle phone.jpgAs mobile phones get more and more desirable and ergonomic – landlines, those weird pieces of machinery attached to the wall with a wire have to do something a bit special to justify their existence. Like looking crazy.

The Candle Stick phone from Brando harks right back to a time well well before handheld telephony devices, and probably before the second world war. It’s has a cute Victorian brothel meets post-box air about it. And yes, you hold the earpiece to your ear and speak into the box.

However, the Candle Stick does make some concessions to modernity – there’s a digital time display, you press buttons (in the shape of a dial) rather than spinning the dial and it all presumably works a well as a normal phone.
We say – impractical but cute.

Costs $75 from Brando

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Anna Leach