Geomaster the iPhone game for geography geeks

86 geomaster 2.jpgAt last – the geography geek comes into her own!

A new iPhone game ask you to place the cities of the world on a map – and the more accurately and quicker you can do it, the better you do. The game, Geomaster costing £1.19 from Visuamobile is also available on the iPod Touch. Finally those youthful hours spent poring over atlases will be useful.

Played over time, of course this would actually teach you about the world’s geography as well. Where is Addis Ababa for example. There’s a US cities challenge as well as the worldwide one and more challenges planned: a US state game, countries of Asia, Europe, South America… and a lot more.

Perhaps this should be made compulsory for those people they always interview in documentaries who think Afghanistan is in France etc.
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Anna Leach