Charge iPhone with a PowerPad – no wires but you need a liquid rubber case

124 powerpad.jpgGEAR4 are releasing a wireless charger for the iPhone, which means, yes, that you don’t need to plug your iPhone into anything to charge it.

Clever huh?

What you do need to do is put your iPhone or Pod on the charging pad. Unlike other wireless chargers it doesn’t need to lock onto the charger, it just needs to sit on it. Using inductive charging and special liquid rubber case the PowerPad transmits power through the case straight to the battery.

It’s a new era in phone charging – GEAR4 reckon – one of their employees explains the appeal: “As a constant iPhone user,” says Marketing Director Tom Old, ” it quickly became second nature for me to place my iPhone down on my PowerPad after finishing a call. Now I take for granted that my iPhone is going to be fully charged the next time I pick it up to leave the office.”

Yeah, that could be quite useful.

However… it’s not like no wires are involved – the charging pad needs to be plugged into the mains and this is a catch, the iPhone must be wearing the specific PowerPad compatible liquid rubber receiver case.

Available in November from cost £79.99

Anna Leach