The Angel Cat Sugar game – from creator of Hello Kitty

60 - SUGAR LYING DOWN.jpgFor those Hello Kitty fangirls out there, there’s a new cute cat in town, Angel Cat Sugar. From the creator of the world’s most famous cat, Yuko Shimizu, she is the star of a new computer game, coming out the 1st October.

Combing three lovely things in her name, she has angel wings and spreads love and happiness through her kindness to others. She’s been around since 2002, but is only hitting the games market now. Angel Cat and her best friends Basil, Parsley and Thyme all feature.

The game, on Nintendo DS, brings Angel Cat Sugar to life as it takes players into “the magical Angel World, where they too can help make the world a better place through kindness”.

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There’s big trouble in Angel Land, and only Sugar can save the day! (gasp etc)

One bright and sunny morning when Sugar, the Princess of Angel Land, was playing outside with her friends Basil, Parsley and Thyme, she was surprised by the appearance of the Storm King! The Storm King was supposed to be in charge of the West Land, blowing the leaves from the trees.

Then suddenly the Storm King got the idea that his job was to blow everything away – absolutely everything, no matter what anybody said. He ignored Sugar’s protests, and blew her three friends to the far reaches of Angel Land.

Sugar must now travel to different lands in order to free her friends, pausing to help 60 - acs 1.jpganyone else who may have had their things blown away as well. Finally, she must confront the Storm King to show him the consequences of his actions.
You can also gather collectables, unlock special abilities and meet the host of cute characters found across the game. You can use the microphone to blow away obstacles! I like it.
The character descriptions are pretty cute – these are Sugar’s friends:

There’s Thyme in purple: He is a very cheerful, lively boy-angel who always encourages the bashful Sugar. (can we identify him as the love interest? Maybe?)

Parsley in green: He is a very reliable and knowledgeable boy-angel. He is also a bit of a nag.

And Basil in pink: A girl-angel, she loves to cultivate flowers. She is precocious and tends to be a tomboy. She may be a troublemaker.

I can feel myself identifying with Basil already.

Angel Cat herself is a bit more of a lady: She has the power to soothe hurt feelings and make everyone happy. She is, however, a little bit shy and prefers to do quiet things, like studying, listening to music and reading books instead of running and playing.

60 - mug_pink.jpgYes, it is aimed at the 3+ market, but buy it for your daughter, sister or niece and join in. The game costs £19.99. And of course given Hello Kitty’s great record as a fashion icon, rest assured that Angel Cat Sugar comes with its full range of merchandise: dolls, fashion, and kitchenware.

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