Toshiba Satellite range gives us four new lappies to play with

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What kind of laptop user are you? A commuter, casual user, or hardcore gamer? The way you use it will clearly influence what device you purchase, but Toshiba are trying to cater to every need by releasing 4 models simultaneously in their Satellite range.

All new devices feature a multi-touch control on the touchpad and an Eco function to help you curb your daily energy expenditure. The touch control works similarly to the touchpad on the Dell Mini, where different finger movements open , close and zoom in on pages viewed- a nice feature, but sometimes tricky to work

The A500 is the top of the range model and features a 16 inch TrueBrite screen with a 16:9 ratio. You also get an integrated HD webcam, Harmon Kardon stereo speakers and a slot loading dual layer DVD drive. It will be available in a silver or chrome finish.

Next up is the Sateliite U500 which is a more portable version of the A500. The screen size is 13.3 inches wide and you get a screen resolution of 1280×800. There’s no news about weight yet, but I’m going to assume it will be reasonably light- perhaps not under 1kg, but hopefully close to that. It’s powered by an Intel CPU and they’ve mentioned that it has a ‘wide range of connectivity options’ which will hopefully mean multiple USB ports, an HDMI port and Bluetooth (to be confirmed).

Finally we have the L500 and L550 which are widescreen models designed for the budget consumer. The as yet undisclosed price point is called ‘reasonable’ and you’ll get either a 15.6 or a 17.3 inch screen. The 17.3 TrueBrite screen features HD resolution and you have the option to use AMD processors on these devices.

You also get a four button multimedia bar to give you quick access to all your folders, and once again you have a choice of two colourways.

Prices to be revealed soon

From Toshiba in July

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Zara Rabinowicz