Shiny Shiny needs new writers

RIMG0064.JPGAfter over two years of life in Shiny Towers Shiny Shiny Ed Zara will soon be leaving for pastures new. She’ll be making her formal goodbyes nearer the time, however Shiny Shiny is moving on and entering a new phase in its life. So we need an editor and writers to take it into a new era.

We need tech writers who can deliver intelligent, creative copy about gadgets, the web and all the other esoteric stuff Shiny covers. They also need to be able to review gadgets and talk about them in an engaging way in front of a camera. The writers can be female or male, what matters most is the brilliant copy and video they produce.

If you are interested send chris at shinymedia dot com an email with a sample Shiny Shiny post.

Ashley Norris

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