Koogle : Keeping Google kosher


For far too long Google has dominated the world of search engines, and without even a mezzuzah in sight! OK, you can get images if you search for them, but where are all the kosher eatery guides and religiously approved lingerie stores? Koogle could change all that, as it’s a semi-rabbinically approved search engine that lets you trawl through related Jewish information and activities.

It’s still in its infancy though, as a quick browse of the site showed many links only available in Hebrew (the English translation button didn’t cover all the areas of the site). The site also works with strict guidelines which makes sure you don’t view any objectionable material (think Pro-Palestine banners and ads for Ann Summers).

Though Koogle is described as a search engine, I really found it more of a directory of jewish establishments than a portal full of news and information. They do sync with Israeli shopping sites, but I feel they should have more on offer than mere guides to places.

Still it takes what Totally Jewish does so well and adds localized info- great for visitors, but probably not that useful to locals..yet. The site is also not updated on Saturday (the holy day) and will crash if you search for something unsavoury (I’m not sure if Sacha Baron Cohen falls into that category).

It’s named after ‘Kugel’ the famous Jewish dish that consists of burnt potatoes and oil (at least the way my dad makes it).

Check Koogle out here. [via Reteurs]

Zara Rabinowicz