Twitter hashtag #3wordsaftersex provides a daily dose of entertainment

twitter-bird.gifThere are many hashtags floating around in the Twitter-universe. They directly reference certain topics and are an easy way to search or categorize something you’re looking for, as well as connect to people discussing the same topics. In the last week Susan Boyle has headed up the trending Topics list as well as Star Trek and strangely enough ‘Spam is back’.

These tags add context and metadata to your tweets and are an easy way to plough through the millions of irrelevant conversations when you’re searching for information or targeted entertainment,

#FollowFriday is a very popular tag which allows you to nominate twitterers to follow, and #hiring is great for all those recession hungry jobseekers out there, but the one I’m really tickled by is #3wordsaftersex. Some of the contributors have a *very*distorted idea of reality and you can’t help laugh at their suggestions. Read them after the jump…

Here are a couple:

Where’s my cat?/ That wasn’t fair/ I want mommy from lhjunkie.

Mastercard or visa/ Your turn Mom/ Something bit me from Ray Exton.

You’re still here? from Kendall Smith

You’re Susan Boyle?/Lick that off from Simon Woodward

What’s for dinner from Alice

What ones can you think of? Let me know here!

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Zara Rabinowicz