The Twitter Book: Contains more than 140 characters

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Twitter is the buzzword of the moment with everyone getting involved, from numerous guides, campaigns and even accessories getting in on the act. It’s the word at the top of every D list celebs agenda, and numerous professionals are discovering that this is the new way of communicating and building a brand.

But some people (and I won’t name names here) don’t really seem to understand proper Tweetiquette, using it to spam people and annoy them with the kind of garbage that makes me write long angry posts about etiquette...

Clearly some people need a bit of help utilizing Twitter correctly, especially if they’re planning to use it professionally. To help wannabe Tweeters succeed on the net, O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein have created a book which guides you through the pitfalls of using Twitter and gives you helpful hints on how to position your brand on the web.

It includes info on third party apps such as TweetDeck and Twitterfox and gives useful examples of other users who have made the service work for them. A lot of the advice may fall into the category of ‘obvious’, but if you struggle with social media, this guide could be a good starting point.

£14.99 for the book, $15.99 for an eBook from O’Reilly.

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Zara Rabinowicz