The Navman Mio Spirit Series makes sat-navs affordable

Mio and Navman have teamed up to offer you three affordable, functional and stylish models in their newly launched sat-nav range. Unimaginatively titled Navman Mio, there are some seriously great models on offer. You can choose between a 3.5 inch screen (on the Spirit 300) a 4.7inch screen (Spirit 500) and 4.7 incher (Spirit Flat). Unsurprisingly each device comes with built in GPS, but they’re also synced up the ATIS traffic service, so you’ll be warned of the latest jams and accident areas in plenty of time to avoid them.

The devices integrate 3D mapping, so you can really get the feel of the are you’re traversing and they’ve integrated NavPix, whereby you can view pics other people have located of areas you’re passing through. You also get interesting features such as Explore Mode, Google Local and Wcities Travel Books, to keep you informed about the area you’re in,

There’s even a walking mode for those who get lost in the complex streets of Soho (hands up to this one). Each device features a FM radio and the idea is that all the features mean you’ll consider the device as a lifestyle accessory, not just a sat-nav for the car.

The higher end models add some extras in, such as hands free calling, weather info and roadside help, but whichever you choose, you still get a great selection of options.

And finally we got a sneak preview of a device that integrated a TV Tuner- see below!

Navman V735 with TV TunerFrom £129 at Mio in June.

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Zara Rabinowicz