The Lightspace Play Floor : Not quite MTV Crib-worthy


As someone who loves a gimmick the Exergame website never fails to inspire me, and the latest product I’m coveting is their Lighstpace Play Floor. True, my housemates would probably have me packing my bags if I tried to install this, but I think it might be worth it! There’s more to this funky looking light up floor than simply decoration, as it’s designed to help kids get active.

It works in two parts; first you install the floor and corresponding game cabinet, then you choose what game you want to play via the touchscreen interface; the next step being leaping around the board like you’re on Britain’s Got Talent.


The board is 16×16 and is made up of pressure sensitive tiles that react to your movements. The board itself has been given intelligent capabilities and get detect different players movements and location, so it will adjust scores and games accordingly.

Games range from basic to complex, and you can opt for educational ones, or ones that promote interactivity which is a great way to get children bonding and playing together. I think it looks like it would be amazing fun, and all that running around would be great for your waistline.

Look how happy it makes these American kids!

See it at Exergame Fitness

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Zara Rabinowicz

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