Swine Flu app released to cater to the paranoid


You can’t have escaped the wave of hysteria grabbing the nation in light of Swine Flu having been discovered in this country. Already I’ve sat next to two be-masked people on the underground, and if the Daily Mail headline are to be believed we’re all going to die horribly and painfully. So why not be proactive with self preservation and use the Swine Flu Tracker application on your iPhone to make sure you’re up to date with latest news.

The application has been created to ’empower you with up-to-the-minute information ‘, and will show you a map via Google so you know where the latest outbreak is.

You also get a handy symptoms guide, and the app pulls data from all over the web including Twitter, to feed you the latest gossip/scaremongering/news that’s going on.

It will be released any day now.

From Cartoon Barry [via PP]

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Zara Rabinowicz