DJ Hero to join the Guitar Hero franchise: All to be revealed at E3 in June!


If you’re a fan of Rock Band and guitar Hero you can’t have avoided the murmurings on the net about another piece of hardware to join their family, the much touted DJ Hero.

This piece of kit emulates the decks we see DJ’s use at clubs and gives you the option to play the game by following cues on a turntable like highway.

djheroimage site.jpg

I went to a demo of it the other day and despite wanting to astound you with the variety of amazing options I learnt about, my lips must remain sealed till June 2nd. In the meantime you can stare longingly at these pics and sign up on their site to get the latest news to your inbox. Their site contains the logos for the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation, which suggests the game will be available on those platforms. I’m counting down the days…

From Activision later this year

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Zara Rabinowicz