Toshiba release a new netbook, the Mini NB200


Another day, another new netbook hits the market, but this one is looking rather tasty.

The latest offering from Toshiba offers consumers a 10.1 inch LCD screen, which has a great backlit display to reduce strain on the eyes. It includes an extra large touchpad and a keypad that’s almost full size.

The NB200 comes with integrated broadband and wireless LAN, and features the Intel graphic 945GSE chipset. You can also choose the processor power you require, from the N270 Intel Atom, or the more powerful Intel N280 which should makes internet browsing a breeze.

You also get three USB slots, an integrated 0.3 megapixel webcam, and the option to charge a device from a USB port whilst the laptop is off, via their Sleep and charge technology.

They say battery life is 9 hours, but whether that means with heavy usage or the life of it in its resting state isn’t confirmed. It weighs in a 1.1kg and I like the fact they’ve included a 3D-accelerometer to protect the 160GB HDD from any unexpected bumps and falls.

The netbook runs off XP and it’s available in four colours for the sartorial minded, and you can choose from brown, black, white and pink

From £319 in May at Toshiba

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “Toshiba release a new netbook, the Mini NB200

  • I bought a Toshiba mini NB200 and about 2 months later, the screen died. I called Toshiba and it was like pulling teeth to even get their service department on the line. While it is under warranty, they passed me around to different people…(most of them not knowing what they were talking about)and then finally gave me a ticket number to get it fixed by one of two repair places in my area. The first repair place I called said Toshiba no longer honored that repair with them. The second one I called said bring it in, but he was not sure it would be covered. Shame on Toshiba for running what appears to be a scam on their product repair. I may have to eat this one because I do not have the time ro energy to battle with these a-holes, but I will never buy another Toshiba product. akkkjj

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