The Tampon USB drive takes care of your data flow (sorry)

data flow usb.jpg

Last week, the shiny tech team recently got the impressions of our ears taken, so we could each get our very own tailor made headphones which Zara equated to having a tampon stuffed in the ear. While the majority of us don’t know what that feels like (I would hope) Zara was convinced. Oh, and speaking of tampons check this out. It’s a USB flash drive shaped like those very horrible but very necessary little things. Whether you have a heavy or light data flow (sorry), the USB tampon has you covered, coming in regular (1GB), super (8GB) and Ultra (16GB) offerings.

For me, there’s nothing more abhorrent that a USB drive shaped like a tampon, but hey, if it’s your kind of thing you can pick one up here for an undisclosed amount of moolah.

[via DVICE]

Lucy Hedges