Light emitting water bottles – I kid ye not

water_bottles_turqoise.jpgThe recession has everyone in thrift mode – well apart from the more affluent amongst us – and it’s all about saving money in anyway we can, even if it means forgoing your favourite brand of bacon for the cheaper brand (*sad face*). Lighting is also another area that can be sacrificed in order to save on the leccy bill. And this particular method, thought up by a man living in a Brazilian village, will definitely save those pennies. Without sounding like a Blue Peter presenter, all you need is a few two litre water bottles, clean water, bleach and a camera film dispenser.

Following the apparent Blue Peter theme that’s underlying this post, in true ‘here’s one I made earlier’ style, there’s a video demonstrating how it works. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

See it after the jump…

At the end of the day, it all depends how you feel about putting holes in your roof? It obviouslywon’t be ideal for lighting your abode at night, but it is an economically efficient way to give light to places without windows – think sheds, garages etc.

[via Life Hacker]

Lucy Hedges