Celebrate Earth day with a designer energy monitor from Wattson

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Happy Earth day my friends! For the clueless, the term relates to April the 22nd, and is a worldwide day that’s meant to raise awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. And how should we celebrate this? By purchasing green gadgets that let us cut down on our impact on the Earth. Wattson have given their fab energy monitor a designer overhaul, as designer Richard Nicoll has pimped out their Wattson monitor with a variety of retro stars and quirky colours.

You can now monitor your energy expenditure in style, and the monitor will also provide a nice talking point for the home, and somewhere to rest your beverages on!

If you regularly monitor your energy you can save a lot on your electricity bills as it helps make you more aware of you daily usage. The lights on the bottom of the Wattson change colour depending on your electricity output and they’ll also change colour depending on your daily usage. The machine will calculate what’s average for your home, and show you if you’re being effective at saving- or not!

You can currently get one of these limited edition gadgets for free courtesy of SKY, by logging on to their website and entering the competition.

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Zara Rabinowicz