Use your computer without the eye ache with LG's W53: The first monitor that's gentle on the eyes


LG has just released details of the latest monitor in its range, and as well as the usual HD capabilities, it’s also optimized to reduce strain on the eyes. If you ever end the day with itchy watery eyes, this could be a lifesaver as they’ve fitted it with an Auto Brightness feature that optimises the picture settings and screen brightness based on surrounding light sources.

This means that your eyes will never have to strain to make out text and the screen should always be the correct resolution. The computer also includes a timer that reminds you to take breaks from your computer at regular intervals- a great excuse to go get that KitKat!

It also includes a proximity sensor placed under the bezel which detects when a hand approaches, lighting up the buttons on the monitor to make them easier to find.

It comes in a variety of size option, from 18.5-27 and offers full HD resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio on screens over 21.5 inches

LG from May 2009.

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Zara Rabinowicz