Wii MotionPlus June bound?

wii motionplus.jpgWish your Wii remote had more precision when you’re wildly gesturing to complete your favourite game? Well, word on the web is the long awaited Wii MotionPlus peripheral will be available for purchase in June. For those who don’t live, breathe and sleep Nintendo and are therefore not in the know, the peripheral will bring more accuracy to game play as well as detect rotational, side to side and front to back movements. So if you thought your Wii remote was impressive when you first bought it (and then realised it wasn’t as accurate as you’d first anticipated), the MotionPlus peripheral, with its real world action detecting skills, will soon make you realise you now possess an even better motion detecting controller.

The first title to get the new technology treatment will be EA’s Grand Slam Tennis, due out on June 18th. And although Nintendo is keeping release dates a secret, a bit of common sense means the peripheral must be hitting the shelves before then or at least around the same time. And when it does, it’ll be available on its own, or coupled with the Wii Sports Resorts.

Something tells me Nintendo’s efforts to improve the Wii remote’s current inadequacies will no doubt be met with copious amounts of enthusiasm from avid gamers everywhere and probably a few high fives too.

[via Pocket Lint]

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Lucy Hedges