Where's Wally? Putney High Street according to Google Street View

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Who can forget the utterly brilliant theme tune for Where’s Wally/Waldo? If you don’t know who Wally is or aren’t familiar with the Where’s Wally series of books… firstly, where the heck was your childhood? Secondly, this means you’re probably unfamiliar with the concept of finding the red and white striped jumper clad man, complete with glasses and walking stick amongst a mahoosive crowd of visual distractions. For years he has bamboozled the brains of children (and adults) across the globe by challenging them to locate his whereabouts amongst busy ancient Aztec Kingdoms, mediaeval battlefields, ancient Egyptian territory and similar scenarios that are teeming with all kinds of characters. Well, to coincide with the launch of the big brother-esque Google Street View, Google hid everyone’s favourite traveller somewhere in the UK, which when thinking about it, must have been planned yonks ago.

Subsequent to much time wasting and “oh my god, you can see my washing through my window” realisations, he was finally spotted on Putney High Street outside an O2 shop, offering a friendly wave to the camera while leaning on his famed walking stick.

For old time sakes, check out the theme tune to Where’s Wally series – still effing brilliant after all these years.

[via Daily Mail]

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