The OfficePOD takes working from home to a whole new level


I’m lucky enough that when there are transport issues/ I have an evil hangover I have a job that means I’m able to work from home. There’s something uber special about working in your PJ’s with your laptop on your knees, but were I to invest in an OfficePOD I might have to don a suit to feel comfortable. The Office POD brings a whole new meaning to the idea of remote working as it comprises a rather sleek workspace in an all inclusive capsule. It’s not actually available to buy- these pods are designed to be rented by employers as a cheaper alternative to office space.

ofpod garfen.jpg

The pod measures in at 2.1m x 2.1m and can be customised due to the user’s requirements. It comes with a central locking system and can be constructed in under a day by trained professionals- and requires no planning permission.

It comes fully equipped with all the necessary power cables- just hook it up to you house mains and you’re ready to go. It’s designed to be eco-friendly as well as it’s constructed from recycled materials and is meant to reduce carbon emissions per employee by up to 67% per year.

Check it out at OfficePOD [via Born Rich]

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Zara Rabinowicz