Samsung brings back Betty Boop

bettyboop.jpgIt’s a bit of a mystery who the target market is for Samsung’s Betty Boop phone. She’s a bit too sexy for the kids – just look at that sultry pose on the back cover – which brings me to my next point, do kids even know who she is? Perhaps the target demographic is the teenagers then? It’s either that or the phone’s purpose is to bring a bit of nostalgia to those who are actually old enough to know who Betty Boop is.

The Betty Boop (as it’s officially known) is a GSM/GPRS/EDGE sliding handset, featuring a VGA camera, MP3 player and FM radio. So it’s a basic handset that won’t exactly wow you, but that’s ok, because apparently it has been designed with the kids in mind. But that doesn’t mean anyone over the age of 12 should feel ashamed for wanting one. No gimmicky phone is complete without gimmicky accessories, so Samsung have bunged in a Betty Boop pouch along with some other accessories that just scream little girl.

It’s currently only available in France for €129, but something tells me the mobile masses won’t be too upset if it doesn’t make it over here.

[via Know Your Mobile]

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Lucy Hedges