RIM finally outs its app store

blackberry apps.jpgWe knew the RIM app store was coming to its slew of delectable handsets, we just didn’t know when. That all changes today. Blackberry App World took its first steps into the real world to give Apple’s infamous App store, Nokia’s OVI and Android a run for the money in the app department. You’ll be able to nab yourself some apps providing you’re the owner of one of the newer Blackberry models. So if you’ve got the Blackberry Storm, good times. However, if you haven’t upgraded your old skool Blackberry 8700 or equally old BB handset, bad times – this probably won’t apply to you.

It may have taken its first steps, but this sure wasn’t publicly done. Basically it hasn’t actually launched yet, but you can register at the official site and if you fancy yourself as a bit off a app developing nerdlinger, you can put your name down and sign up for that too.

You’ll need a PayPal account to make the purchases, which isn’t a problem if you’re obsessed with buying stuff online or have an addiction to eBay. Apps will start at £2.59 – a noticeably higher sum than Apple’s online offerings. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about that apart from perhaps invest in an iPhone to stand your ground?! But the frugal needn’t worry, there’ll be plenty of free apps to get your claws into as well.

Sign on the dotted line here

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Lucy Hedges