Lego minifigs are the coolest business cards on the block


If you thought Moo cards were cool – check these out. If there was a prize for geekiest business card, Lego employees would take the crown, hands down. Now, if there was a price tag attached to these bad boys for regular folk, I’d be first in line to bag myself a batch. With the employee name printed on the front and all other relevant information on the back, these Lego business information carriers (well they’re not cards are they?) are the coolest form of business card to have ever graced the business card world. Reportedly, Lego goes the extra mile to attempt to match the employees personal features with their own minifigs.

It almost makes you want to get a job working for the company just so you can earn yourself a collection of minifig business characters, doesn’t it?

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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Lucy Hedges