Get the best of both worlds with Samsung's NX digital camera

Samsung-NX.jpgIn the words of Hannah Montana, you can “get the best of both worlds” with Samsung’s hybrid NX Series digital camera. ‘The best of what worlds?’ I hear you say – ‘what do you mean?’. Well, it can be viewed in one of two ways – Samsung’s latest picture taking offering can be interpreted as bringing compact outer bodies to DSLRs or DSLR capabilities to compact cameras. It’s all about perspective.

This is because the NX comes bundled with the same APS-C sensor usually found lurking under the hood of a proper DSLR for better quality pics, and it also uses an electronic viewfinder as opposed to a mirror box, which is the main reason for the allowance of such a compact body for a camera of this particular breed. The other alternative would be to use the live view mode.

So, Samsung is offering a camera with the performance and quality of a DSLR, but with the ease of use that comes with standard point and shooters. That’s all the information we have at the moment folks, although we’re being told we should expect to see it retailing during the second half of the year.

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Lucy Hedges