Amusement magazine is an RFID marvel

amusement mag.jpg

When is a magazine not a magazine? When it’s trying to be part website, part DVD and contains an RFID chip to hook you straight up to dedicated Internet sites (with use of a violet mir:ror)

It’s a strange idea but it does have a couple of great concepts built in. How many times do you read a magazine and make a mental note to Google/check out the various websites and products mentioned? Generally you’ll forget them, and go home none the wiser, but not so with Amusement.

This 700g magazine combines paper and ink with electronic components to allow you access to a wealth of cyber information when you place the mag on the RFID reader.

You can now watch related video content, email any of the writers with one click and launch applications.

It’s an interesting idea, but how user friendly will it be?

We’re getting one in to test, so watch this space for a review!

Check it out here

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Zara Rabinowicz