The PYT travel speaker keeps your music mobile

voix pyt.jpg

It’s one of those universal rules of life that always apply to holidays. No matter what you’ve packed you’ll generally have forgotten to bring speakers for your MP3 player and will struggle to find a decent radio/TV station to imbue your foreign Travelodge room with some ambience. Well the PYT from Voix is a great way of making sure you never miss out on your tunes, as it’s ultra portable and runs on battery or DC power.

Its small size doesn’t mean you miss out though, as it includes a 7.5 watts of audio power which it delivers through four internal speakers, which is pretty impressive for a portable device. It’s iPod ready, so whether you own a Touch or an iPhone you can just slot it straight in and it will charge it as well.

If you’re bereft of Apple branded products, don’t worry, as it has a 3.5 jack so you can use any compatible MP3 player.

The PYT measures in at 17×17 and is 3.2cm thick, so it won’t take up to much room in that suitcase. It would be nice if it included a remote and a SD card slot, but the fact that they’ve managed to package in an accelerometer is a good selling point (this means that when you turn the device on its side the picture adjust from horizontal to vertical angles).

£39.99 from Voix

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Zara Rabinowicz