These speakers won't fly but they will squeal

pig2(12-23-09-41-24).jpgRemember the little piggy that went to market, then there was the one who stayed home, another little piggy had roast beef, the other, sadly had none, then there were these little piggies who cried # I wah wah wah wah wonder # as they played the sounds of the Runaways through their cuddly and cushiony speakers.

Like pink, pigs and speakers in soft plush toy form? Fantastic. They’re USB powered so can be hooked up to your computer (desktop, laptop or netbook varieties) MP3 player, PDA and basically any piece of gadgetry that possesses that all important 3.5mm jack.

Is it just me, or do these little piggies are a little reminiscent of sumo wrestlers?

£17 here

More USB peripherals here

Lucy Hedges

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