The Philips Tapster combines Bluetooth with touch


The key feature about Philips new Bluetooth headset (also known as the SHB 7110) is evident in the name- the Tapster. It features ultra sensitive touch and tap controls, which allows you to answer calls, and change the volume, and removing the device automatically transfers the call to your mobile. It’s all about having a soft touch though, as a gentle stroke of the device answers incoming calls whilst a tap changes the volume, so if you’re a little heavy handed you may find yourself accidentally being deafened or hanging up on your callers.

The Tapster features a FullSound chip which decompresses your music files by using its smart algorithm to give you full bodied dynamic sound. It’s also A2DP compliant which means you can use it to stream music from any Bluetooth device.They’ve incorporated an angled acoustic design to deliver powerful sound straight down your lugholes, and seal you off from distracting ambient noise. Add to that Ever Clear technology (a fancy way of saying sound isolating properties) and they’ve created a smart headset which should provide you with super sharp audio,

You get 7 hours of talk time, with a standby time of a whopping 150 hours, and it should be available later this year.


Zara Rabinowicz