The Nikon P90 – the P80 upgraded

Nikon_coolpix_p90_w300.jpgFor me, the P80 is hands down one of the best cameras I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting my mitts on. I put this down to its wonderful megazoom, compact body and variety of practical and nifty features. Now it’s time for the P80 to take a step back and let its successor take the ‘not quite a compact, not quite a DSLR’ crown. If you thought the P80’s megazoom was impressive, the P90’s 24x “ultra zoom” will blow you away. The LCD screen gets an upgrade too, to a nicely sized 3-inches with vari-angle tilt function.

As well as an impressive photo-tastic zoom, it’s got a 12.1 megapixel sensor and high speed shooting up to an amazing 45 pics at 15fps. The impressive features continue. When it comes to ISO sensitivity, you’re looking at a whopping 16,400; its lens goes from a wide 24mm right up to a 642mm telephoto and can shoot close ups as near as 1cm – just think of the possibilities. That’s not bad at all for a compact camera slash DSLR.

It also comes with the usual camera contents we’ve come to expect from most cameras, like a range of scene modes and functions to improve your picture taking – anti blur, auto scene and face priority AF with smile and blink detection.

It’s out on March the 13th. And at £379.99 you’d be foolish not to consider it (presuming this is the kind of camera you’re into).

[via T3]

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