Swarovski's Bluetooth headset invites muggers to fondle your ears


Bluetooth headsets don’t normally make me smile, so the fact that this blinged out piece of ear jewellery elicited an eyebrow raise was enough to make me share it with you guys. You’re looking at a LG/Swarovski mash up that clips to your ear to offer you the usual wireless free sound. But in the case of the HBM-530 you also get variety of overpriced crystals attached to an earpiece that screams Essex girl more than fake tan or acrylic nails. I quite like the plectrum like e-Clip design, but would never use it, unless they toned down the bling a little.

[via CrunchGear]

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “Swarovski's Bluetooth headset invites muggers to fondle your ears

  • oh I dunno.. It could be more bling..
    I don’t use bluetooth headsets personally because I wear glasses and have yet to find a set that sits comfortably on the ear without getting in the way of the glasses – I did give up trying a long while ago though as I rarely need to be handsfree.

    But I really like the shape and I think it’s great when brands try to make technology more inline with customers style/current trends. If you’ve got to wear one all day it’d be nice to have some say in the look of it.

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