Shiny Poll: Love online

Apparently, more people now go to find true love on MySpace and Facebook than in pubs and clubs. And I can kind of see that being true. Personally, I’d forego Facebook and MySpace for Twitter – any guy that can stay consistently witty and interesting in under 140 characters is surely worth a date. And I’m pretty sure everyone has at one point checked out their friend’s Facebook friends and then quizzed them on their relationship status. But, have you ever taken it any further? Leave your anonymous response below, and if you’re really brave, spill all in the comments.

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Shiny Poll: Love online

  • I’m actually married to someone I met online, through Faceparty years ago. Meeting online was easy; it was the Atlantic in-between that caused the most hassles. But it worked :)

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