Samsung introduces four cameras for whatever the budget

SL30.jpgTimes are pretty tough right now, but Samsung doesn’t want your love of photography to suffer. That’s why it is has just unleashed four cameras with very different price tags ranging from $99.99 to $279.99 USD, catering to consumers on all kinds of budgets. And if all this recession malarkey is taking its toll on your face (i.e. stress spots or mahoosive bags under the eyes due to lack of sleep) Samsung has you covered in that department too. Each point and shooter is a ‘Beauty Shot’ capable camera, ensuring you and your subjects look perfect by retouching any ghastly and unsightly blemishes (please bear in mind that it’s not a magical camera).

We all like a decent priced piece of kit, so let’s start with the cheapest model – the $99.99 USD SL30 (above). It’s a 10 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, digital image stabilisation and a 2.5-ich LCD screen to admire your snaps on. And as with all the new cameras in the SL range, it packs a Samsung lens as opposed to one of the Schneider Kreuznach variety – a lens that has found its way onto many of Samsung’s other cameras.

SL202.jpgNext up it’s the SL202, priced at $149.99 USD. With specs practically identical to the SL30, bar the 2.7-inch screen, it’s hard to justify a $50 USD price jump for this one, but surely Samsung has more up its sleeve for this one, which will no doubt be revealed in good time.


At the pricier end of the scale, it’s the SL620 ($199.99 USD) and the SL820 ($279.99 USD). The former is a 12.2 megapixel shooter with 5x optical zoom and a 3-inch LCD. And last but certainly not least is its much pricier sibling which packs the same megapixels, zoom and LCD screen as the 620. But what makes this camera extra special (and justifies its price tag) is its ability to capture 720P HD video at 30fps, the offer of HDMI-out through a docking cradle and its use of a 28mm wide angle lens to assist with capturing great panoramic shots.


All cameras are March bound minus the SL820, which is going to keep you waiting a little bit longer by coming out in May.

[via PC Mag]

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