Panasonic's Freesat Blu-ray player: One box to rule them all

Screw the fact that having your Freesat, hard drive and Blu-ray all in one box means you’ve got more space, the more exciting things is that there’ll just be one plug to deal with. La awesome.

The DMR-BS850 features a 500GB hard drive, Bluray writer and twin Freesat tuners, so you can watch one HD channel whilst recording another. There’s an SD card slot and USB and DV connectors, so you can pull footage straight from your camera and dump it on the hard drive.

This isn’t arriving til June, but prices are currently being tipped for about £1000, which isn’t exactly small change. There will be a version with a 250GB hard drive, and another with the same size drive and featuring just a normal DVD writer.

[via Pocket-lint]

Susi Weaser