LG Watch phone given a UK release date: Bond wannabes rejoice!


The LG watch phone has been floating around the tech world for a while, but up till now, it has existed more as concept than a reality. Well LG have just announced an actual UK release date, which means this will be available for Bond wannabes and super villains alike. So what’s inside this rather stylish shell? Well, it’s internet enabled, so you can check your mail on the go, but considering the screen is a teeny 1.43 inches you may find that a challenge in itself. The phone comes with Bluetooth, and is fully touch screen, though details on anything else are vague.

I can imagine a camera would be an appreciated add on, as people would love to take snaps secretively, but considering the dimensions you’d be looking at something very basic, with no flash. Still the G910 is a lovely looking piece of kit and you don’t even need a Bluetooth headset to use it as the watch has a built in mic and speaker.

They say it will be available on Orange later this year, but with no word on price plan we can only assume it will be a free on contact jobby.
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Zara Rabinowicz


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