Is this how you imagined the Watchmen? See pics from the film!


Since Christmas I’ve been a big fan of the Watchmen series, so any pics of the forthcoming film send me into a frantic whirl of anticipation (plus the sugar I’m consuming from working at home). I’ve been guiltily perusing the net for snippets of the film, and think these pics are pretty impressive,

True, I’d always envisioned the Night Owl in more a of a earth brown get up, but hey, this is hi-tech Antarctica gear, y’know, for the final showdown…

See the Silk Spectre looking sexy after the jump.

silk spectre.jpg

She definitely works that PVC well- I have a feeling I’d look like an ageing drag queen in that get up!

[via Topless Robot]

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Zara Rabinowicz


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