Gmail gets multiple inbox panes

Goodness those Googlers have been busy little bees recently (mainly because they’re all allowed to spend 20% of their time on these fun labs side projects). The latest labs product is Multiple Inboxes, which will create separate panes for different filters or labels. So, you can see your inbox, all messages containing the word ‘pub’, and all those half finished drafts from one screen. You just need to go into ‘settings’, enable the labs feature, and then check the box next to multiple accounts.

I tried to create you a screen grab of my inbox, but eventually gave up because I couldn’t create one that wasn’t incriminating in some way or the another. I don’t want you knowing that I’m subscribed to the Lindsay Lohen fan list emails, after all. Also, when I tried it, it looked like someone had thrown up emails all over my screen. The creator (Vivi) has a much more attractive inbox.

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Susi Weaser