Get the sun-kissed look via your computer

computertan_02.jpgIn this time of financial crisis, sadly, we may not all be lucky or wealthy enough to go on a fun and frolicking beach-tastically picturesque holiday to get that all over tan. However, there is an alternative. We have the next best thing – get a computer tan. Yesss, it’s a tan you can achieve from staring at your computer screen (yes, your computer screen). The term ‘computer tan’ is usually associated with extraordinarily pale folk, who suffer from a pasty skin condition by sacrificing venturing outside for the sake of playing 24 hour videogames, but in this case, it refers to the exact opposite – getting rid of that pasty hide.

It works by exploiting the backlighting capabilities of an LCD screen, enabling your screen to emit ultraviolet wavelengths to toast your tan-desperate skin. Apparently, you can build up a base tan within four to five sessions.

Are you now in a state of bewilderment, and furrowing your brow and scratching your head? Well before your head explodes from trying to work out the intricacies of such a process, and through fear of its believability factor (and really gullible readers taking it as FACT) I feel obligated to inform you this isn’t real. That hasn’t stopped it catching out those who are intrigued by the bogus computer tanning possibilities (suckers!). It was actually created by charity Skcin, to inform lovers of the sunbed about skin cancer risks.

But if you want to watch the promo video anyway, just to see how much emphasis is put on the execution of making Computer Tan sound like a real tanning option, then click here (recommended).

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