Cassette purse is retro and geek chic at its finest

cassettewallet1.jpgIt’s probably not at all far-fetched to say that substantial amounts of the music listening population are now all digital punters. Those still stuck in the 80s/90s using CDs or *gasp* cassette tapes probably have justifiable reasons for sticking with these old skool formats (I know I do – my car’s audio options are cassette only). But, perhaps you’ve succumbed to the digital age pier pressure just to put a stop to the bullying and being called names such as “cassette lover”, while having tapes thrown at your head as you strut with your old skool Walkman in hand. Is that you? Why not pledge your love to cassettes in a much subtler way with a hand made Cassette Wallet from Boom Desk for $39 USD here.

However, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a crafts-girl, you could probably make your own (now don’t you wish you didn’t throw all those tapes away?).

[via Pop Gadget]

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Lucy Hedges