Asus killing off the 9-inch Eee PC

What a difference a year makes. Whilst Asus broke the mould with the first nine-inch netbook, which had everyone clamouring to get lighter, smaller, cheaper, plasticky-er, the time has apparently come to lay that particular trendsetter to rest.

From now on, they’ll only offer the 10-inch model, which apparently was making up 95% of their sales anyway. Still, we’ll be sad to see the little fella go, having spent many happy press conferences feeling smug about being able to pull a laptop out of our ladylike clutchbags.

[via electricpig]

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Asus killing off the 9-inch Eee PC

  • AW. Well, I’m glad I got mine before they vanished. I have simple computer needs, and that little guy is my main machine these days.

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