Web 2.0 well wishes: Steve Get Well

This is one part weird, one part inevitable and one part bandwagon-y. Steve Get Well is a website created for you to leave your well wishes for the Apple CEO. It’s not created by Apple, there’s no guarantee he’ll ever see the site, but hey! There are badges you can grab and put on your blog! (I believe the number of badges regarding your health displayed on the internet is in direct correlation with your recovery.)

And, in true Web 2.0 style, people can vote your well wishes up or down, with the most popular appearing on the front page. It’s like Digg, for those saccharine pastel Get Well Soon cards. There’s such classics as “Get well soon! I’ve been running Mac OS since version 6 :P” and the slightly selfish “Mr Jobs, without you Apple will lose its momentum in creating the best music and computing products in the industry! Please get well!”.

So far, 225 people have left their thoughts, suggesting it’s not the runaway success that the creators hoped it would be. You can leave your own thoughts here, and you can add an RSS feed to your reader of the whole process (seriously? Oh Jesus).

I’m pretty sure there’s a better use for that corner of the internet.

Susi Weaser