Vopium offers pocket friendly international calls to your foreign pals

vopium3.jpgHands up who has mates in a far away place, i.e. abroad? Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to them much more than once every blue moon? Vopium, a mobile VoIP service is on hand to provide you with “cheap” and “reliable” calls so you don’t have to cut conversation short after a few minutes (cramming three months into five minutes isn’t exactly fun is it?).

By using the mobile Vopium application, you can make international calls and save “up to 90 percent” on international calls. Hundreds of handsets across the Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms are supported, so it’s more than likely yours will be accepted too (unless you own a prehistoric handset from circa 1994).

The service keeps costs to a minimum by using a routing system and technology that automatically delivers the lowest cost connection for any international call (costs vary from country to country – check the website for prices). Vopium also makes use of WiFi connectivity, with Vopium WiFi, which comes integrated into the mobile application. So, if connected via WiFi, you can call your Vopium WiFi using pals for free, anywhere in the world. And if WiFi hasn’t quite caught up to your global buddies yet, you can still call them at a reduced international call rate. You don’t need to trigger any settings either – the service automatically detects when a user is connected to a WiFi network, and automatically routes your international calls through its application interface. It also integrates with your mobile’s contacts. Clever huh?

Visit the website to sign up and to download the app to your handset. Then by sending “get” to 07781 480717, your account will be credited with 30 free Vopium minutes and 100 to any worldwide destination.

It’s worth noting that it’s the international bit that’s cheap – local operator charges still apply.
But whether using WiFi or not, the service will always fish out the cheapest call option possible, giving you time to get the latest international low-down and save some pennies.


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Lucy Hedges