Toasting bread will never be the same again with the Toaster trebuchet

trebuchet toaster.jpgRemember the days when you and your siblings would attempt to concoct your very own catapult by snapping a branch off a tree? The day when you discovered when coupled with elastic bands and sellotape, it turned out to be a half decent catapult? Or perhaps I’m not the only one who’s attempted to send their toast hurtling across the room from the toaster directly onto your plate. In retrospect, I can accept that the rules of physics just won’t allow it, but that didn’t stop me from wearing out the springs of my parent’s toaster. Now you can fulfil your toast catapulting desires and relive those formative years with this modern twist on the catapulting trebuchet – the Toaster Trebuchet.

Now, unless you’re a master of velocity and accuracy, it might take you a while to develop a certain deftness that’ll get the toast directly on your plate. So luckily, you can set the angle and force of ejection to hone those catapulting skills.

Other than potentially running the risk of eating toast for those three all-important meals, the anticipation that builds up from impatiently waiting for your toast to catapult onto your plate will sure make toasting bread exciting. Isn’t it a shame then, that it’s just a prototype.

[via Gizmodo]

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Lucy Hedges